SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere possible?


I try to connect to an SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere database with the PHP-Connector. I have little success. Can somemone help me? sasql_connect() can establish a connection, but nothing in grid. I know, I try a mysql-connection. How could I say my child, please use Sybase?

Is ODBC-Connection an option? In front of this backround I think, than it is not importand, that it is SAP Sybase.

$conn = sasql_connect( "UID=dba;PWD=*****;Server=****;DBN=testlokal;ASTART=No;LINKS=TCPIP();" ); $GridConn = new GridConnector($conn); $GridConn->render_table("pers","nr","nr,name1,name2");


Unfortunately, it will not work. Connector need to have DB specific adapter, and currently, there is no one for Sybase ( and as far as I can see, you can’t use PDO to connect to the Sybase DB)

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