Save an event : how to get the values of the lighbox data ?


I read all the way to customize loading and saving data with dataProcessor and Connector.

What I want is simply : to use my own ajax code to save the event without using dataProcessor or Connector. I so just want to retrieve the value of all of the parameters of the lightbox (start hour, start day, end hour, …) in order to create my own query in my php script.

It’s ok to call the ajax but I don’t find how to retrieve the data of the lightbox ?

the only thing I found is a $action parameter which is used in events_rec.php. But I want a direct access to the value, if it’s possible.

Thanks for reply

You can use actions of scheduler as

function save(id, data){ //data - hash of event related data //custom logic here } scheduler.attachEvent("onEventChanged", save); scheduler.attachEvent("onEventAdded", save);