Save Button not working

I am having a problem with the save button. It only appears to work the first time I enter an event but not when I go back to edit an existing event. I have seen this issue reported in the forums before but with no solution posted. Is this a bug?


There is no known bug about Save button.
Please check samples, does it work there for you?
If so - what modification have you done to you code? Please attach sample.

You use standalone and not plugin version of scheduler, right?

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Saving option is not working for me also.Need help

I am using the Wordpress plugin version. The Save button works fine when I create an event but if I go back to edit it then it doesn’t respond. It is particularly bad if I go to edit a recurring event as if I go to click the cancel button then the recurring series becomes completely messed up in the calendar and I have to delete the whole series and recreate it from scratch.

Could you provide link to scheduler page?
Try to turn on debug-mode in admin panel.
Does any error occur when you’re trying to save event?

Turned on debug yesterday and tested and no errors. You can see the scheduler page here - however the website just went live today so there is only limited testing that can be done at the moment. Basically as I said before once the event is there and I go back to edit it, the save button just won’t respond. The other buttons cancel and delete work fine all the time. I can live with it at the moment since it means just entering the event correctly the first time however I will be handing over the website to a customer in a week and don’t want to have them experience any problems. The display glitch I mentioned in the previous post with recurring events clears up after refreshing the page. Was there a fix for the other people that mentioned this issue in the forums?

I don’t have permissions to add/edit events in your scheduler. Could you provide access?
You may enable adding/editing events for guests in scheduler admin panel or create test account which will have according permissions.

Hi, i am new on this Forum an working with the scheduler for a couple of weeks.
I have the same problem. The save button do not working at edit-mode of an event.

i figure out an javascript error:

ERROR: A is undefined
Source: …/components/com_scheduler/codebase/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js
Line: 1

maybe it helps on debugging!

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Hi, Schnick!
Could you provide link to scheduler page?


i have sent you a pm withe the login data and the URL.

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There was a problem before this scheduler when you use prototype.js or in your case mootools. Please, update dhtmlxscheduler_recurring.js from attachment. (4.84 KB)

Thank you! Great JOB!