Save custom field value in event table

i’ve created a new input text “plate number”
i want to send its value to the backend with startdate, endDate,text when call (api/events) controller
note that the field is already added to the scheduler event class with setter and getter .

how to do that with javascript on save after load scheduler

scheduler.load(“/api/events”, “json”)
var dp = new dataProcessor(“/api/events”);

and i want to change the vertical line from 12:30 to 13:00 todifferent color (break time )


After filling the field, you need to set it as the value of any event property. Like:

ev.customProperty = valFromInput;

Then it will be send to the backend with other properties.

There is addMarkedTimespan method to implement it. Please find details in the documentation:
Demo with timeline:

thank you Polina :slightly_smiling_face: