Save data entered by user into a relational MySQL database o


I have a LAMP client-server web application, with the server code written in PHP and a highly normalized, fully populated relational MySQL database on a separate tier. I am trying to integrate your Spreadsheet/Grid software to mimic an embedded Excel file on my server. I want users to enter or paste their data into dhtmlXGrid (or spreadsheet) on the web page, either by typing their values in the cell or selecting values from a dropdown list (I thought of your Combobox for that). Column names and dropdown values will be selected from the MySQL database on our server. Once user has entered data, I want this data to be saved (through form submission) in the database. Is it possible to implement with your tools? Can you please give me a hint as to whether I can use your dhtmlxSpreadsheet or implement what I want using a Grid embedded in a Form? Your help would be very much appreciated (our software is also released as an open-source package under GNU GPL).

Many thanks,