Save Data when entering new row / editing existing

Hi Community,

i hope you guys and girls can help me! I am very new to html, php and all this. I found the dhtmlxgrid script, while searching for a contact/adress script.

I Would like to use this script like Excel. I installed the script on my Server and it works fine. I can add rows and enter Data but as soon as i refresh the page, the data is lost.

Can anyone help me how to save the data in a file on the server or in a mysql database? I would really be happy if someone had something fixed up, where i only need to put into the database info or the filename.

Thanks in advance!


The most simple way to save changes from grid into your MySQL data base is to use dhtmlxConnectors extension. dhtmlxConnector is a set of PHP classes which helps to simplify server side operations related to dhtmlx library components (dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxCombo, dhtmlxScheduler). Please find more information here … ndex.shtml

To work with Connectors you need also learn a bit about DataProcessor, its simple library too. Please check tutorial here … processor/

You can find more about advanced data store methods here … aving_data