Save dhtmlxGrid with Connector?


I am aware that this question might’ve been asked before but i searched your knowledge base and didn’t find an exact answer.

I want to be able to save an xml file opened in dhtmlxGrid either automatically(after every change) or with a ‘Save’ button with a js onclick() command. From what i read this can be done with dhtmlxConnector which uses php.

So my question is: what is the minimal code required to be able to save an xml file opened in xhtmlGrid ?

Thank you in advance!

You can save content of dhtmlxGrid using dhtmlxDataProcessor extention which is part of PRO version. Please see more information here … aprocessor

You can grab connector’s package , which contains related samples

on client side, you will need to add 2 lines of code
var dp = new dataProcessor(“01_basic_connector.php”);

where 01_basic_connector.php - path to server side connector file.