Save each line a dhtmlxGrid

Our requirement is to provide option to the user, to save each row in the grid individually.
Meaning,each and every row will have a icon to save the the current row to the database(not the complete grid).

In-order to get the modified data we can use the following code:
myGrid.setSerializationLevel(true, false, true, true, true, false);
var modifiedData = crdGrid.serializeToCSV();

But unfortunately the above code will provide, modified data of the entire grid. I am looking at the modified data of the current row.

Please help,thanks in advance.

Unfortunately it’s not available to save values of the entire row using serializeToCSV() method.
You may get all values manually. For example:

function foo(id){ var str=0 for (i=0;i<mygrid.getColumnsNum(); i++){ if (str==0){ str=mygrid.cells(id,i).getValue() } else { str=str+mygrid.cells(id,i).getValue() } if (i+1<mygrid.getColumnsNum()){str=str+"#"} } }