Save, edit and delete data from database

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I’ve made a database and connect it to dhtmlx. However, I still can’t CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) a data from database to calendar.
Now If I made schedule, It works but not save to database.

What should I set to make this clear ?


What do you mean by “and connect it to dhtmlx” ?

In scheduler you need to have something like next to have full CRUD support

scheduler.load("data/events.php"); var dp = new dataProcessor("data/events.php"); dp.init(scheduler);

I’ve set in that page to connect to database but the agenda still doesn’t appear in the calendar.

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If you are using connector on server side try to enable logging … tor:errors

Also, try to load the data url directly in browser - does it show xml|json or some error message ?

I want to ask about connector

LogMaster::log(“any text here”);

I’ve built temp.log but it still don’t have any effect. How to check my temp.log is true or not ?


The above code looks valid
Check that target folder has write access