Save grid data to xml or to text file

What’s the method to save the dhtmlxgrid data to xml or to a text file? I’d like to be able to be able to made edits to one of the sample files and save the updates. Here is the code from the sample file where I want to do that.


You are allowed to clear data and structure of grid and then load new data from XML file.

<a href="#" onclick="savegrid();">Save Grid</a>
Reload grid with another structure

The documentation seems to say that the open source gpl might not save XML data. Is that right? Is it still possible to save to text?

dhtmlxGrid doesn’t have functionality to save changes directly to the xml for txt file. To save changes you made in grid you can use dhtmlxConnector extension. Please find more information here … x.shtml?mn


The example is for a connector to a database. Does the connector also handle XML. Where can I get an example where data is saved to an XML?

We do not have such example