Save() method to insert data to mySQL

I’m having trouble using forms to submit data to a mySQL database. I’m trying to do a simple insert. The data should go from the form’s fields to the database. There are four columns in the database (goal_id, goal_name, goal_text, & crs_name). The end result is that the table should be have a new goal_id auto-generated, the goal_name & goal_text, should come from the form, and finally value for crs_name should come from a php session variable. I’ve been digging through the documentation and support form trying to find the answer without success. Perhaps it’s some sort of logic error that I don’t understand.

I know for sure that I’ve initialized all dhtmlx components correctly so that’s not the problem. Any help you all could lend me will be greatly appreciated. The form is a simple two field form and a submit button. The code is below:

	formStructure = [
		{type: "fieldset",name:"fldstAddGoal", label: "Goals", 
				{type: 'input', name: 'goal_name', label: 'Goal Name:', validate: 'NotEmpty'},
				{type: 'input', name: 'goal_input', label: "Goal Description:", rows: 15, validate: 'NotEmpty'},
				{type:"button", name:"submtAddGoal", value:"Submit"}
	var frmAddGoal = new dhtmlXForm("form_container", formStructure);
	dpFrmAddGoal = new dataProcessor("../includes/dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxConnector/codebase/form_connector.php");
	frmAddGoal.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(id){"../control/addGoal.php");

The server side php code (addGoal.php) is as follows:


   $conn = mysql_connect("localhost","root","root");
	//Connect to the database  
	$data = new DataViewConnector($conn, "MySQL"); // replaced    $data = new DataViewConnector($conn);
//	$data->enable_log("log.txt"); // create a log file
	$data->render_table("tbl_goal", "goal_id", "goal_name,goal_text");//table name, ID, list of properties

In connector’s code you are using DataViewConnector, why not FormConnector

require("connector/form_connector.php"); $formConn = new FormConnector($res,"MySQL");

Thanks that helped.
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