Save method

Hi, I’m using dhtmlx pro 3.0 and i can’t make that the sample dhtmlxform/samples/06 data/03_save.html works fine.

The load buttons works fine, but not the save button. There should save the info in the db, so that if a field changes and then it saves when it load again the changes should be recover?

I need to make it work to see if i use the save or the send metodh to persist data.


New tip, in FireFox works fine. The problem is in IE.

Please check if you have specified correct db credentials.

Olga, it’s not the db connection.

Please, enter here: and test the example in IE 8 and FF. In FF works fine, in IE 8 don’t.

The example you have linked is working well in all supported browsers including IE8.

If issue still occurs please provide any kind of sample, screenshots and direct steps to reconstruct an issue.