Save the template for layout


i had asked this question few days back…

DHTMLxLayout Controls - Save the template for layout

Ability to save an overall layout as a template and then be able to select from a list. For example i will be showing verious option for

layout such as 3U,1C,2E,2U,3E. Intially i will showing 3U structure for layout. i will changing to 2U structure. Next if i visit same page i need layout to be shown as 2U structure. how to achieve this functionality?

i got the answer from you as:

Answer posted by Support on Nov 24, 2008 05:51

For the moment, layout does not provide such functionality.

You can implement this using cookies.

am not able to understand as how can you achieve this with cookies. can you tell me exactly how can i achieve that. do you have any example or help for it.




Unfortunately there is no demo.
Layout does not support changing patterns on the fly. It should be reinited.
And there is no ability to save layout’s state. But you can do it using cookies (document.cookie) or using variables (if page is not reloaded).