Save to database

How to save data in database?
I want to click on save button and write the columns to database. eg. insert into table1(param1, param2) values (1000, 10…)

dp = new dataProcessor({yourselfurl});

On server side you must evaluate the datas and save into yout db.

yout = your

By default, dataProcessor is initialized in the auto-update mode, i.e. after each change in the grid data is sent to the server. In some cases it makes sense to use the manual update mode:

dp.setUpdateMode("off") ... dp.sendData();

Also note that the updating of the data in the grid is row-orientated:

In some cases

In which cases?

a) DataProcessor will send all updated rows to the server side. Not the single columns but data from all columns ( it can be limited to single column, but in such case you will need to have a custom server side code, because native connector will not work )

b) DataProcessor sends only updated rows. So you need to mark them as updated ( normally they marked automatically after edit operation )


In which cases?

There two data saving strategy

a) save as user edit anything ( auto-update mode )
b) allow to change many values and save data only when user press some kind of save button ( manual update mode )