Saving an event from Scheduler to SQL database table

Hi, I’m completely new to DHTMLX and I’m trying to get a simple scheduler working. The events (keyed in to the table for test purposes) are displaying in the scheduler but I can’t get the events saving from the scheduler back to the table. I’m using code that I’ve copied from a sample VB project …

Dim changedEvent = DirectCast(DHXEventsHelper.Bind(GetType([Event]), context.Request.Form), [Event])
Select Case action.Type
Case DataActionTypes.Insert
Exit Select

The line returns this error “events is not a member of system.array”.
I’m using the LINQ to SQL Object Model. Do I have to define the CRUD logic manually or is this handled automatically by DHTMLX ? Apologies if this is a very stupid question but as i’ve said I’m completely new to DHTMLX (and fairly new to .NET)


no, you shouldn’t define this logic, LinqToSql does it automatically. For inserting new item to the table you should add new object to the mapping collection(the same way it’s done in code you’ve pasted) and then submit the changes. data.SubmitChanges()
Have you added mapping class for an Events table to the data context(it should be defined in .dbml file)?