Saving and Updating Linked tables


My form is typically made of the scheduler (events), plus other tables (customer profile, etc).

So my events table will look like this:

jobs table (id, customer_id, date_started, date_ended, text)

and my customer table:

customers table(customer_id, first_name, last_name)

What I want to do is, when I put a job on the scheduler, I want to be able to just link that person to that job. So that means, I will create a new entry on customers table, get that new customer_id, then proceed to creating a job.

If anyone could help me or point me to a sample, it would very much appreciate it.


If you have fixed list of customers - you can just use it as collection for select editor in lightbox.
If you need to create new customer records for each new event - you can customize server side ( in case of connector afterInsert server side event ) and from it insert new record in necessary table.