saving columns does not work in IE or FF [Solved]

i have got a problem with the grid. I want to move the columns and change the size of the columns. all fine, works great.

But if I want to store the states in cookies, and open the Browser again, teh order of the columns is not restored.

Here some lines of my Source:

var mygrid = new dhtmlXGridObject('grid'); mygrid.init(); mygrid.setSkin("dhx_skyblue"); mygrid.enableColumnMove(true); mygrid.enableAutoSizeSaving(); mygrid.enableOrderSaving(); mygrid.loadXML("./some.xml", function() { mygrid.loadOrderFromCookie(); mygrid.loadSizeFromCookie(); });
I also try to save the state, when the user wants to leave the page


function saveColumns() { mygrid.saveSizeToCookie(); mygrid.saveOrderToCookie(); }[/code] But the result of both is always the same: after closing the Browser and reloading the site teh columns were not restored. There is no difference between the IE or the FF. So maybe someone can help me? Thanks, Hibbert

now I got it work…

mygrid.enableOrderSaving('meineListe','expires=Fri, 31-Dec-2012 23:59:59 GMT');