Saving custom event fields to MySQL

Hello, I am trying to use dhtmlxScheduler with my website.
I have successfully added some custom fields, but I have no idea how to save the events with
custom fields to database. I’m using the standard PHP and JavaScript to develop.

Could anyone please help me out with this issue?


Are you using connector or custom code at server side?
In case of connector - just include all custom fields in the render_table command.

Scheduler sends all event related data to the server side, which means it will send values for all custom fields automatically

Sorry about the late reply,

I was planning to use custom code.
Any recommendations?


IF you are using dataprocessor - it will send all fields which was defined in the lightbox and all data which was received in xml for that event. So you need just to configure a section in lightbox and value will be available on server side for update operations.

Is there a way to write my own sql query for that?

Yep, there are a plenty way to hook your custom sql code to the connector … date_event … ex_queries