Saving Issue in Event Edit Mode.


I am facing an major issue in my calendar POC.

I was just concenrated on creating an event and saving them until yesterday. Today, when I tried to update an existing event, I found the following issue:

If I create a new event and save it. Again open the same event and edit, it will save properly.

After I create an event, reload the calendar and edit the existing event then it is not saving properly. please find more details below:

I am using the following method to save the event
public ContentResult Save(Event changedEvent, FormCollection actionValues)
var action = new DataAction(actionValues);

When edit the event after reloading the calendar and save it, it is throwing error as “Input String was not in correct format”. I started analysing this issue and I found that the error is coming at conversion of actionvalues to dataaction i.e. 1st line of my save method. On further analysis, I found that this because of value in actionValues[“Id”] i.e. “3,1337455335030”. I surprised by seeing two values in ID field. For testing purpose, I have taken as actionValues[“Id”] = actionValues[“Id”][0].ToString(); and then dataaction conversion is worked properly and event is saving to the data base.

Please let me know how should I solve this. it would be great help ful if you let me know the solution at the earliest.


that’s unusual,
try to update scheduler client-side(you may take it from the trial version, Scripts/dhtmlxScheduler folder)
If the issue will still appear, could you send us a quick sample, where we can test it?

This bug still exists, I’m also hitting it with the latest trial. Id contains a string that’s n,n instead of just a number. Will you fix this any time soon?

Unfortunately we can’t reconstruct the same issue locally.
Can you provide some kind of demo ? ( you can send it to )

Stanislav, you can use the demo I sent for the other issue (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=27638) to reproduce the issue. Just create an entry and drag/change the date and it will fail on the instantiation of the DataAction due to the fact that Id field in the FormCollection has an invalid value (xxxx,xxxx instead of xxxx, where xxxx is a number).

Hello RajenK,
sorry for taking so long with the reply.
I’ve checked you demo, your Appointment class should have ‘id’(in lower case) instead of ‘ID’, properties are case sensitive. Thats why it fails when you try to update event