Saving on infinite loop?


On my calendar (, if you take a current event, and edit it (easiest way is by resizing it), the system constantly attempts to save it (as can be seen by the constant bold to non-bold state change of the text.
When I check the database, the change was saved first time, but the bold to non-bold continues, and looks very bad for the end user.
How can I fix this?


I couldn’t reproduce the issue on your site, resizing seemed to be handled correctly. Does the issue happens in all browsers on only in some specific ones?

I’ve only tried it in Chrome, but the issue happens then.
I can try it in other browsers later if you want.

You have in code

dp.attachEvent("onAfterUpdate", function(sid, action, tid, tag){ var event_object = scheduler.getEvent(sid); if(event_object.event_type != "" && (typeof event_object.todo_id == 'undefined' || event_object.todo_id == "")) addToDoItems(sid, event_object.event_type); });

Which calls addToDoItems, and in addToDoItems you have a dp.setUpdated(eventID, true, “updated”); call that triggers new saving, and above callback, starting the same code again and again

Thanks so much!
I didn’t expect that IF function to ever be true.
Turns out it was in one case.