saving to multiple tables not working

Im testing out dhtmlxgrid for an organization and am having a problem saving/updating records in my MySQL DB when there is more than 1 table, ive tried multiple snippets of code from your site and still no luck. I can read data fine, i can write to the first table in my query with no problem, the second table will not update, looking forward to any help you can offer please, heres some code:

connect to the DB

$conn = new GridConnector($res,“MySQL”);// connector initialization

if($conn->is_select_mode()){//code for loading data

  $conn->render_sql("SELECT,,, ddma.mytime, `check` ,, ddma_test.test FROM `ddma` left JOIN ddma_test ON =" , "id","id,email,zip,mytime,check,link,test");

}else{//code for other operations - i.e. update/insert/delete

–and then ive tried each of the following with no luck:
$conn->render_table(“ddma”, “id”,“id,email,zip,mytime,check,link”);

$conn->render_table(“ddma_test”, “id”, “id,email,test”);

mysql_query(“UPDATE ddma_test SET test=’{$action->get_data(‘test’)}’ WHERE id =’{$action->get_id()}’”);

$conn->sql->attach(“Update”,“Update ddma_test set test={test} where id={id}”);

please help, thanks!