Saving tree's element order

I’m using DHTMLXtree, with drag&drop activated; I have a dataprocessor attached to my tree component. I want it to store the specific order of the child nodes, but when I drag and drop a child in a different order only the selected child is updated… (current tr_id & tr_order)

Is it possible to update all tree elements, so I can store them in a new order?

Thanks in advance, you have an outstanding product!

It is possible to send all tree elements at once. You can use setTransactionMode for that.

dp.setTransactionMode(“POST”,true); /the second parameter means that all data will be sent at once/

in this case to send data to the server you can use:


Please see the … ding_modes article for more details

Excellent, it works as I wanted… Thank you so much for your attention and quick response Alex.