Scale and duration Unit

Hi I need to have the duration in days (instead hours) and decrease the scale to not have scrooll. Can you help me? Thanks!

Wait, we release new version in 2 weeks.

Is this version being released next week? I like a lot of people on this forum have been waiting on a new version since at least July 2011

Hi Fedor,

Any news concerning the new version. Is there a release candidate we can already test?


I need this functionality very urgently, please reply if you implemented this functionality

Please someone reply, is there a way i can change time duration unit from day to month or week?

if i can change duration unit to month my company will buy this product, otherwise not. so i need to know if you can help me do that in case we buy product.

Hello Fedor,

Are you still here ?

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So you are here :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you please release the new version of dhtmlxGantt ?

Thank you very much