Scatter chart with Date and Time

Hi I am trying to plot daily activity on scatter chart. Below is my sample chart data and sample code to generate scatter chart but it just shows blank plot area.

It works fine on integer X and Y value but I am trying to plot with date (on X axis) and time (on Y axis).

ChartDATA = [{ “id”: “0”, “x”: “2016-03-17”, “y”: “12:30:59”, type: “Read” },
{ “id”: “1”, “x”: “2016-03-18”, “y”: “5:45:12”, type: “Write”},
{ “id”: “2”, “x”: “2016-03-18”, “y”: “15:10:00”, type: “Read”}];

function InitChart() {
    var Chart = new dhtmlXChart({
        view: "scatter",
        container: "ChartBODY",
        xValue: "#x#",
        yValue: "#y#"
    Chart.parse(ChartDATA, "json");

Can someone provide working example, please?