Sceduler and Suite css problem

I am currently using dhtmlxSuite 4.6.1 Professional and dhtmlxScheduler v.4.3.1 Stardard .

Unfortunately there are problems in CSS definitions for items.

I noticed problems with dhtmlx.confirm and dhtmlx.alert, which take CSS definitions from both the suite and the scheduler

Please guide me to solve this problem.

unfortunately there is no good solution right now. In the next version of a scheduler we’ll probably put dhtmlx message classes under a different namespace, but currently dhtmlxMessage that embedded into the scheduler uses the same css selectors as the one embedded into dhtmlxSuite.

A quick workaround, you can rebuild dhtmlx.js/css without embedding dhtmlxMessage into it, so there would be only scheduler version of the message lib.
dhtmlxSuite comes with libCompiler utility which you can use to build dhtmlx package with the components you need, you can find it dhtmlx/sources/libCompiler

  1. in libCompiler/conf open stat_css and stat_js and delete lines related to dhtmlx message

  2. run /libCompiler/lib_compiler.php - you can do it either by putting dhtmlx package on server and open lib_compiler.php in browser or run it from command line

php lib_compiler.php

The app will rebuild dhtmlx files and put them into dhtmlx/codebase