Schedul + dhtmlx

How to fix combobox in schedul when loaded dhtmlx.js and terrace.css ???

When change manually with

.dhx_cal_light_wide .dhx_combo_box { width: 580px!important; left: 10px; }
view is perfect, but faced with problem with dhtmlxForm combo it 580px ;(

How are you initializing combo? It seems like you could put desired width to combo as third parameter.
myCombo = new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone”, “combo”, 580);

See article: … combo.html

.. { name: "typevisit", options: typev, map_to: "typev_select", type: "combo", image_path: "../dhtmlx/skins/terrace/imgs/dhxcombo_terrace/", height:30, filtering: true }, ..

var typev=[ {key:1, label:"Перший візит"}, {key:2, label:"Консультація"}, {key:3, label:"Тести"}, {key:4, label:"Подія з інших установ"} ];

same problem, i’m using metro skin, and the z-index of options are wrong, the options stay under the lightbox
any solution?