Schedule smart rendering problem

I’m using the schedule with smart rendering so that only one month at a time is loaded. This works well except in the following case.

Today is the 29th June so the default week that shows in Week view includes both the end of June and the beginning of July. Since only the current month (June) is loaded it appears that there are no appointments for July until we advance to the next week in July when July is then loaded. I believe that the behaviour should be to load both June and July in this case otherwise it is misleading to the user.

Problem was confirmed and fixed.
Updated js file attached to the post. Now, if the view ends after current loading period additional data will be requested ( it will work for all loading modes ) (17.5 KB)

Thanks.  It is now the July 5th and we have a similar issue but at the other end.  The default week view starts on Mon 29th June but only displays events from July 1st.  Basically the schedule needs to populate any date that is visible on the screen regardless of where you start.

Updated version is attached to the post.
Now loading will request additional data in both directions , if it necessary for current view. (45.8 KB)