Scheduler 2.0 + Wordpress 3.0.1 error


When I try to upgrade plugin from 1.3, I get this error:

It shows on plugin options page.
In “scheduler page” an msgbox “XML error” shows up.
What could be done wit this one?

Which version of PHP you are using?
Are you sure that problem is not occurs without scheduler plugin? ( the errors seems occur in the default WP file, not the one of scheduler )

PHP 5.3.2.

Wordpress works ok (no errors at all) without plugin.
It is strange error because it tells something is not ok with WP - but then, it started to show up after plugin upgrade. I’ll look at this.

By any chance is it WPMU installation?
For the WPMU you need to use - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13763

I’m pretty sure that similar error already was reported some time ago, but can’t find related post|ticket.


No, this is single installation.

Thank you, version from this link fixed at least one problem - continuous “Loading” and not saving options. It did occur on my localhost

previosly but not on production environment. Later I’ll try this on second server.

Unfortunately beta version doesn’t work on production environment. Literally this same WP installation. Server config is PHP 5.3.2 + MySQL 5.0.32. I could send you phpinfo of both servers if this help.

It still doesn’t work. Would phpinfo(); dumps help?

New version of plugin just released … …