Scheduler 2.2

dhtmlxScheduler 2.2 was released on April 14
(this is standalone scheduler, not a plugin for Joomla or Wordpress)

New features: … what_s_new

 *  Export to XML, iCal, JSON added
  • Printing to PDF

  • Loading from JSON data was added

  • Collision detection extension was added

  • Date-scale limitation extension was added

  • Mini-calendar extension was added

  • Timeline view was added

  • Auto-fetching option lists from the server

This sounds totally great!
Othe applications would call this step 3.0 :wink:
Well, so if released on 14th i will purchase license on 15th…
Just wiatied for the next Update…

Perfect… Keep up that good work on the scheduler! Great Product.

Great job guys!

I’m incredibly happy with this product.