Scheduler 3.0 beta

In next 2 weeks we are planning to release Scheduler 3.0.
Currently, it’s not ready for production yet,
but to get you feedback we are sharing the current state :slight_smile:

Package -
Documentation -

The package and updated documentation are attached below.

There must not be any migration issues, all API is backward compatible, so
you should just replace the old codebase files with the new ones.

Major features of 3.0 version:

  • Version of the scheduler for touch phones
  • WeekAgenda view
  • Netbook-friendly lightbox form
  • Draggable lightbox
  • Multiline header for timeline view
  • Configurable work-time bounds
  • Improved day|week views (multiday area)
  • Tons of fixes

The skin of the calendar has been adjusted a bit. Now the default package
includes one of glossy skins (so you can get a shiny look and feel
from the box).

The version is quite stable, but it’s still not ready for production usage. Also,
beware that it’s not compatible with the current version of SkinBuilder.

Wanted to point out that samples are included for each feature.
Also new event rendering logic was included - cascade event display. Be sure to check 02_customization/24_cascade_event_display.html sample.

Best regards,


Is it also possible to block times for a specific section?
So you can use different opening times for different locations?

Michiel Klaver

Give us an Orchard CMS Module (Plugin) please please please!

Is it also possible to block times for a specific section? 

Actually it is not possible.
But this is a very good idea indeed, so we will try to release patch for this functionality shortly after 3.0 release.

Okay great! This would be a great extension!
Is there allready a releasedate?

Michiel Klaver

Actually it is not possible. But this is a very good idea indeed, so we will try to release patch for this functionality shortly after 3.0 release.

Hi Stanislav,

Have you got any idea when this patch will be released?

Best regards,
Michiel Klaver

I think - in first part of September.
As for now, there is no fixed date. Maybe we will have beta version earlier

Okay, thanks. Would you like to let me know when the beta is out?

ok, I will send you a PM on the forum, when it will be available

Okay, thank you.
What also a nice addition would be, not specify the blocked times, but the openingtimes.

Hey Stanislav,

I there allready a indication when the patched will be released?

Best Regards,
Michiel Klaver

Hello, Michiel.

I will attach updated version on Monday.

Again nice idea though it isn’t supported for now.

Kind regards,


I’ve attached updated files.

You can use it following way:

scheduler.blockTime(0, [0,8*60,18*60,24*60], {"unit": 1}); scheduler.blockTime(1, "fullday", {"unit": [2,4]});
Where ‘unit’ is the name of unit view. You may use it with several units views.

Kind regards,
Ilya (3.4 KB)

Hello Ilya,

Thanks for this patch, but how does it work with the timelineview?
I tried this to block the monday from 9 till 17 for room 54:

scheduler.blockTime(1, [9*10,17*10], {"room_id":54});

But it doesn’t block that time.

Can you help me?

Best regards,
Michiel Klaver


It doesn’t work with timeline view, only units, day/week for now.
here instead of “room_id” you should use name of the units view.

Kind regards,

Hey Ilya,

Is it hard to make it also work with the timeline view?
Thats exactly what I need.

Thanks a lot again!

Best regards,
Michiel Klaver


We will look into it and post update once it’s ready.

Kind regards,

There seems to be a problem with using blockTime in unit view - it works as expected when you use blockTime() once, but subsequent calls to blockTime() override the previous ones. So only the last call has any effect.

Also is there a way of specifying that a block should apply for multiple days (or all days)?

And can the blockTime be applied for all units rather than having to specify all the units individually?


Hi all,

I have the same trouble, I want to block different time for different unit and show it in UnitView.
But it seems not work.

I included the two javascript of this thread, and I wrote code like this:

scheduler.blockTime(new Date(), [860,960], { “unit” : “ECO1” });
scheduler.init(‘scheduler_here’, new Date(),“unit”);
var dp = new dataProcessor(‘lib/events.php’);

This script blocks the selected time for all units. :confused:
Where I’m wrong?

Thanks for the help, and congratulations for your work!
These components are fantastics! :slight_smile: