Scheduler 3.0 wordpress problem

Hi guys, i’ve been happily using Scheduler until 3.0 come out and changed everything into english.

Now trying following in


As shown i need russian language to be active but it does not work. I
m not good at coding, whers is my mistake ?

are you talking about admin-panel or front-end scheduler localization?
I found scheduler at your site but it uses russian language.

I’m curently using previous version of Scheduler - it identifies the language automaticaly.

The 3.0 version is totaly english, i found the translation files in it, but can’t make them work.

3.0 version should detect language automatically too.
Please, make sure that in wp-config.php WP_LANG is specified like ru_RU.

Yes, i have checked iy several times. Also the previous version of Scheduler detects russian language without any problem, but not 3.0

issue is fixed, you may update plugin from official wordpress repository.