Scheduler 4.2 month view - no bullets

After updating to scheduler 4.2 (from 4.1) I have the following bug:
Instead of showing bullets at the beginning of an event, each event text starts with "• ".
The Eventobject in the scheduler.templates.event_class has a clean event text without this signs. So I expect they are added later in the javascript.
Any ideas where to fix it?

it seems like the encoding issue. Please check this SA topic explaining the similar problem … let-in-xml
Set the UTF-8 charset to the page and to js tags (or configure the server to do the same)



It seems to me too that this is an encoding issue, but i had no luck with your solution.
I’ve allready added


[/code] and on every javascript[code] charset="utf-8" [/code] but the bullets are still not shown and the translations are showing wrong singns.

I allso checked that the files are really utf-8 with ultra edit whit no luck on that problem.

Do you have some online link where issue can be checked ?

was a problem occuring on my local jboss on windows. on testenv everithing works fine.