Scheduler 4.x for Joomla 3.x ?



the files on github are only for version 2.x of joomla and are based on Scheduler 3.x.
When will there be a new version for joomla 3.x?

kind regards


Dear developers! Please refresh this wonderful component. The world is waiting!


This would be great if we could get this for Joomla 3


Please tell me whether will be being developed plugin for joomla 3.x? Because at that point it is useless :cry:


Hi, this is the only reason I am here also… And from what I am reading and seeing with no replies, it does not look like it is going to happen.?.?.?

Anyone? Please correct me if I am wrong please?

Thank you, Jim


I think the same. Component for joomla is on and DHX no support this pack.I wish that they do not want support this project.


Yes and thank you for reply!! I did find that and see it is old. I am disappointed now, as I have trial for 2 weeks, and only can work on Saturday and Sunday 4am - 7am EST to test.

No I find out 2 weeks later, I waste my time possibly… As if no updates now? I see no future.

:bulb: :astonished: :open_mouth:


Good idea would be to support it by developers DHX.