scheduler.addMarkedTimespan() for Suite5.1


I am using scheduler.addMarkedTimespan(config) to highlight the weedends which works great for dhtmlxScheduler-v4.4.9 but the weekend mark not display if I start to use dhtmlxSuite-v5.1. there is no error. Please help.


Hi @weicai01,

It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong in your case, as v4.4.9(2017) is a pretty old version of the scheduler and may contain some bugs which are already fixed, and I don’t know how exactly are you using it with the suite “v.5.1”.

I tried to reproduce it just by adding suite component on the page with scheduler(5.3.11), but it didn’t break any functionality and the addMarkedTimespan method worked correctly:

Could you please reproduce the issue in the snippet above(open the link => reproduce the issue on “HTML/CODE” tabs => click the “Share” button => send me the new link)?