Scheduler and Modal Window


Please advice me.
I need show the modal window (dhtmlXWindows with some form) above lightbox after click button.
This button is located on section of lightbox.
I tried this by follow code:, src, sec, data){
  windows = new dhtmlXWindows();
  w1 = windows.createWindow('window_1', 0, 0, 280, 350);
// var str = [ .. some form ];
  var f1 = w1.attachForm(str);

My window w1 lies under lightbox.
How can I set zIndex of w1 to set 10000?
May be there is another solution to show (modal form, window or another lightbox) above lightbox?

Try to use

 windows = new dhtmlXWindows();
 windows.zIndexStep = 10000;

Hello, Stanislav!

That works!!!
Thank you for advice and fast response!

Hello, Stanislav!

Short question:
How to set z-index for form’s calendar?

windows.zIndexStep = 10000;

My calendar lies under form’s window.


Please attach screenshot.

Best regards,

Hello Ilya!

please see attached screenshot.

I has found one solution, but not so elegance:
just to add to page

.dhtmlxcalendar_container{ z-index:20100; }

Do you have form there?
If so

form.getCalendar(id) = 10002;

Best regards,

Hello, Ilya!

Very simple!
Thank you very much!