Scheduler and .net Connector

I am experimenting with the scheduler using the .net connector.
Its kind of weird but my .ashx file doesnt seem to be working.
I can change the connection string to whatever I want and it will connect as long as samplesdatabase is in my web.config

It seems to be more looking at the web.config file for the name samplesdatabase and not even using my ashx file. The scheduler loads just fine if i dont change that name

But here is how i am loading the scheduler

scheduler.load(“schedulerConnector.ashx” + “?uid=” + scheduler.uid());
var dp = new dataProcessor(“schedulerConnector.ashx” + “?uid=” + scheduler.uid());


Anyone have any thoughts why this is happening, found it odd.

Maybe its because i am using the samples dll ? How is the samples one different?

Thanks for any help

The situation you’ve described seems really weird. But there’s only one version dhtmlxConnector.dll and it’s independent from samples folder of SampleDatabase.

I would recommend to track web request to your schedulerConnector.ashx to make sure that you load correct service. E.g. you can use FireBug for firefox to check if:

  1. service was found
  2. content it returns is the one you’ve expected to see.

Then you might try to set a breakpoint (e.g. by System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break()) in your service to check where your connection string comes from.