scheduler and time select box

sorry for all the questions, but:

1. When I double click to enter the lightbox, can I change the default times?

2. Can I set the start time, and then based on a drop down select menu, determine the length of time to assign?

Hey There guy,

i got same question and figured out quite finally a solution.
Just check it in the thread: … 74&a=20192

Greetings from Germany,


  Thanks,  this does look similar to what I want for a drop down select, but does not address #1.  How did you encode the drop down select exactly, it looks pretty elegant?  Does it preserve the start time.  Also, if you are on a day view, does it still work for a click and drag for an interval of time, as I had some trouble here when I tried to define times it seemed to want to default to something different.