Scheduler and Tree - multiple issues & Questions


Issue 1) We are using Scheduler 5.0 and Tree library file within our code. We have an issue where once user selects a time slot on the scheduler screen and scroll to drop the task to another time slot then the screen moves back to the original time slot selection. How can this be fixed?

Issue 2) The drag and drop of the task to another day or another time slot is very inconsistent. Can this be browser related?

Issue 3) Shortening and extending the time entries is very inconsistent. It jumps back to original and sometime unable to select the task to shorten or extend

Hello @cloudymegz,

As I understand, you mean this functionality

Does the issue occur in this sample?
I tried to reproduce: drag the new event from Tree, then scroll down, drop the event into the Scheduler and save the lightbox. The screen doesn’t moves back to top.
If I did smth wrong - please clarify when. If you can attach video that demonstrates the issue - that will help.

2, 3
What do you mean by “inconsistent drag and drop/Shortening and extending the time”? Which browser do you use?
Please try different browsers and also send the video that demonstrates these both issue too to help me understand what you mean.

Hi Polina.
Thanks for the reply. The jumping bug and inconsistency doesnt happen in the url you have provided. I am attaching a video for you to have a look.

Also, this inconsistency drag Drop happens in all browsers.


If the issue doesn’t occur in the demo, at first please update version of Scheduler to the latest 5.2.2:

If that doesn’t solve the issue - please provide with the demo where I can reproduce it.