Scheduler AngularJS Async Support


I have been experimenting with Scheduler for my project and am able to perform CRUD. I am using Angular JS with Java Spring as backend and purely using REST API for communication.

For the most part it is working but i dont think scheduler is built to support JS promises and designed to support Asynchronous HTTP calls. I love the product as it gives me lot of features but does not provide reliability due to Asynchronous HTTP.

Are there plans to support Asynchronous HTTP in Angular. Some of the problems are,

  1. Event loading and rendering is unreliable as sometimes scheduler loads before promise is fulfilled
  2. Error handling is tricky due to async calls.
  3. Cant use Angular Modal effectively with Lightbox As lightbox hides alerts in Modal.

I am wondering if you provide any services for me to overcome these issues and does product support Aysnc Angularjs calls.