Scheduler api controller not found

I am currently coding an MVC c# project that requires an events calendar. I followed the directions on dhtmlxScheduler with ASP.NET MVC Scheduler Docs
and I am still unable to add events to my database. I think the error I am getting is in my calendar views script. Bellow is a screenshot of the error messages I am getting.

Any help will be appreciated

Most likely, it is connected to DataProcessor which has moved from the global dataProcessor function to the scheduler.DataProcessor function: 1 ;
Try to replace the following code:

var dp = scheduler.createDataProcessor("/api/scheduler");
// and attaching it to scheduler
// setting the REST mode for dataProcessor

by this one:

var dp = scheduler.createDataProcessor({
    url: "/api/scheduler",
    mode: "REST"

Also, you can face exception occurred while initializing the database. There is a special article that can help you (also for scheduler): ;
If it doesn’t help you, please send me a ready demo with all the necessary files so that I can reproduce the issue locally.

After examining the error a bit more, it is caused by “scheduler.load(“api/scheduler”);” I have replaced the code with the code you suggested and I still get the same error. I don’t think initializing the database is the issue as I can make use of it in other parts of the application.