Scheduler API: Message - defPosition not available ??

Hello out there :slight_smile:

I ran into some truble positioning a message send via

into the bottom right of my page… I tried everything i could imagine to get it working, but i have no effect at all. I am reading the docu over and over, but the command you can find descriped over here is not reachable for me :frowning: … ositioning

Now before going into detail my question: Is this method perhaps not available in Scheduler? I ran into an equal error last month when i was trying to do a multi-user-sync and after nights of approaching someone from the support told me in this forum, that the docu is way outdated at this point :-/ So i wasted my time really hard :slight_smile:

If it is the same over here, i will better aks before ruin my nights in future :wink:

Best wishes,

try ‘dhtmlx.message.position’ setting, it seems working in examples

dhtmlx.message.position = "bottom"

This works awesomely perfect!