Scheduler Bug

When I open up the scheduler in Month view for the current month and then double-click on a day to enter an event, everything works fine.

However, if I arrow into November and double-click to enter an event it is 1 day off.

So lets say I arrow to November and double-click on the 15th…it will show the 14th in the pop-up window. Same for any other day. It is always 1 day off in the the pop-up.

Which timezone you are using? We can’t reconstruct the issue locally.

The issue is very similar to summer|winter time shifting problem. You can try to update the js file … xScheduler

Eastern time US Standard.  I get the issue not only in my application, but when I run the sample scheduler directly from your website sample I also get it. … demo.shtml.

So I guess my question is…is your javascript file up to date? Because if it is, then it should be working when I use your sample…right?