Scheduler, caching....?


I successfully load the schedule in month view. I make changes and delete appointments and then if I go forward a month and then back the appointment that I just deleted is there again…

Do you know why this is? I thought all changes would be preserved in the scheduler object.


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Besides this strange behavior, I have just noticed something else:

I have a scheduler loading in month view. There is a tree on the left to drag and drop events/appointments. For example, in April, if I drag an appointment to the first week dates the events cannot be edited (cursor does not become a hand and a double click does nothing). If I drag an appointment to the second row in Month view, the events behave as expected and I can move and edit them.

Any ideas?

Thanks again in advance!

About data caching - if you are not using dynamic data loading, scheduler will not reload data during month changing at all. In dynamic mode - it is possible that scheduler will reload data for some month, and there are two cases here

  • data was not saved yet, reload will revert data back to its original state
  • data was saved, scheduler will reload data from server and browser may cache the previous data

Need to say, that normally scheduler do not reload the same month even in dyn. loading mode, it need to be forced by setting the inner flags.

If you are calling reload manually - just add extra parameter like

scheduler.load("some.xml?uid="+(new Date()).valueOf())

Which will make each loading call unique, and will prevent data caching.

As for drag behavior - be sure that you are not using limit extension, or some custom logic. By default dates do not affect edit action, only if limit extension was used.

Hello and thank you for your help.

I can confirm that I load the scheduler like this:


The only way I can delete an event is by “deleting” and then “saving” before changing months (I am working in month view). If I change months and come back the event I just deleted is still there.

Surely, one should be able to go to different months and make changes and save them all in one go at the end?

I do have event listeners set up for when an event is added/deleted/onAfterLightbox to update a sidebar I have that summarizes the total hours in the month of the events scheduled. It does not reload the scheduler as that is only done once at the beginning and after the “save”.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Thanks again!

For the drag, I am not using limit (but I would like to add this). The strange thing is if I go to previous months, most events are editable with the exception of one or two that are always located in the first week of month view and specifically the first appointment (only) on Wed, Thurs, Fri.

The only way I can edit them is by going into week view and clicking on the bottom of the appointment (clicking inside it does nothing) until the flyout appears to edit.


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With regard to the deleting issue:

–If I go into week view and delete there, then go back to month view (event is deleted) and then move forward/backward and come back to the month, the event is still deleted
–If I delete in month view and then go forward/backward and come back to that month, then the event is still there.

If issue still occurs - please provide link to the online demo ( or any other kind of sample where it can be checked )
I can’t reconstruct the same behavior locally :frowning: