scheduler.clearAll(); is not working properly


I have a problem while dragging & resizing the event.

On dragging and resizing events i am calling
scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventChanged”, function(event_id,event_object)
…Code goes here

the problem is, this event is still getting called twice-thrice even after calling scheduler.clearAll();

It attaches the events as many times as scheduler is getting load.
there is no problem with other events, only this event is giving problem…

Please suggest some solution.


scheduler.clearAll will clear events from scheduler will clear all data from the scheduler, but it will not detach any previosly attached event handlers. So you need not reattach custom code after calling such method.

also, be sure that you are not calling scheduler.init more than one time per page. Calling it multiple times can mess the correct event firing.


I have also used,

I have created my own lightbox. On saving of lightbox, i am refreshing the scheduler.
At that time i am again calling scheduler.init(‘scheduler_here’,Date,Mode);

May be that can be the reason…,but i am also calling -> scheduler.detachEvent(schdulerEventID) while refreshing the scheduler.

Is there is another solution ??
Can i re-create the instance of the scheduler?? or something like create new object of it??

Kindly suggest some solution…


There should be no need to init scheduler second time (and it won’t work correctly). If you need to display events from other sources, have another views and so on — you can simply change configuration of the scheduler.

If you are still can’t solve this issue then please provide more information what are you trying to do.

Best regards,


I have resolved the problem using below two lines

scheduler.ev_oneventchanged = null;
[ I found this in javascript DOM structure of scheduler object ]

Thank you for your reply and suggestions.


Hi Niki,

Can you please tell me where did u call below two lines?
scheduler.ev_oneventchanged = null;

I have created costume recurring forms with three additional sections and I have created costume event ‘inserted’ which i have called after saving data to database.

When I again open form (lightbox) it gives error as new event id created is attached to previous one so I want to destroy previous event.

Can anybody suggest a solution please?