Scheduler combobox


I want to create a combo box inside an event create dialog:

There it says:
type ( textarea,time,select,template,multiselect,radio,checkbox ) the type of the section’s control

Its missing "Combo". But in this image its working:

Also there is an sample code of how it should be working.

Ive uploaded it here (its just copy & past from the documentation):

There it says script error.

Is it possible?
Or is the documentation old/out dated?

Hope that it`s possible :slight_smile:

Hello @Thatsmej,

Looks like we missed combo type in the list with all types in the documentation. Thank you for your attention, we will fix it.

Nonetheless, the combo type exists and works as it desribed in the Docs.

You can check it in this “Combo select” sample.

Regaring snippet link you provided - you didn’t initialize the dhtmlxCombo component. Please read this chapter again.

Updated snippet:

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Hello Polina,

That fixed it!



Please pay attention, if you are going to use DHTMLX Combo component , you have to buy the license (in addition to the Scheduler).

Hello Polina,

That is good to know.
Cause i cant seem to find the “buy” button for combobox:

Where can i find out what this is going to cost me?
And if it can be used with the “GNU GPL” license?

Hello @Thatsmej,

dhtmlxCombo is a part of dhtmlxSuite library

The Standard edition is distributed under GNU GPLv2 and can be downloaded for free.
Please note that in case of using GPL version, your whole project should be open source and licensed under GNU GPL v2:


I`ll have a look on what more i can use from the suite :slight_smile: