Scheduler component within dhtmlxTabbar component

I tried to use a scheduler component within a dhtmlxTabbar container and noticed there are several behaviours I didn’t expect or may be needs some little tweaking.

I’ve uploaded a sample program where as you witch to tab 1-2 you see the schedular component. Here are my observations:

1 When switching to day view you can’t see the events until the end of the day (24:00 hr) but just beyond 23:00 hr.

2 Also, in timeline view the sections don’t have equal height. When reducing the height of the browser window at some time the latest section wil get more and more invisible.

3 Using the property scheduler.config.scroll_hour = 8; doesn’t seem to have the proper effect. The schedular shows up at a beginning time just before 5:00 am.

Can any of this behaviours somehow be tweaked? (513 KB)

Problem is in tabbar sizing, if you will remove starting


all will be fixed

How you are sizing tabbar to 100% of screen, but br tags shift tabbar down.

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for your help.
I removed the

instructions and see it is working. But: this means I can’t put any contents above the tabbar? I currently investigating if our current tabbar component (see screen shot) could be replaced by the dhtmlxtabBar. With the current one we have some identication info shown on top of the tabs and we would like to have this also when we switch to the dhtmlx tabbar. Is this possible, and also keeping the resizing logic that causes me to start this thread?

You can put content, but in such case you need to define some fixed height for tabbar instead of 100%

Hi Stanislav,

I tried setting the height of the tabbar to 1000px, but when switching to day view I can’t get to 24 hrs. I’ve enclosed the modified tabbar.html. Am I missing something? (1.66 KB)


Any news on this one?

Sample uses fixed size, but it is bigger than height of window, as result bottom part is invisible.
Check the attached sample, it sets height of tabbar dynamically and as result all hours are visible. (1.71 KB)

Thanks Stanislav,

This will get me going.