Scheduler configs will not applied to dhx touch


Hello dhtmlx touch community,

I have a problem with the library.
I use version 3.0.

Currently I am building a hybrid app. I use Phonegap.

My problem is, when I view and debug my app in browser, everything works great with dhx touch.
But as soon as I create an *.apk file for android and install the app the comes a problem:
The scheduler configuration will not applied to the framework. How can this be?
The only difference is, that in phonegap I have to use the “deviceready” event, instead of $(document).ready(…) of jQuery.

When I remove the deviceready and use jQuerys document.ready event the scheduler configs will applied.
I have no idea why.

Would be happy if somebody can give me a tip.
Thanks in advance.



Please check that configs are set before window onload fires.