Scheduler + Connector Error

I’m using the Scheduler and load it with a custom xml logic, but the save/update operations I’m using the connector/dataprocessor

But when I drag and drop an event an alert shows me an error message

I’m using PHP and the MVC architecture
and this is the code of the scheduler:


        scheduler.config.multi_day = true;
        scheduler.config.first_hour = "7";                             
        scheduler.config.last_hour = "24";                            
        scheduler.config.full_day = true;                              
        scheduler.config.xml_date="%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";
        scheduler.config.cascade_event_display = true;         
        scheduler.config.cascade_event_count = 4;               
        scheduler.config.cascade_event_margin = 30;           

        scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true;
        scheduler.locale.labels.section_privado = "Evento Privado";
                { name:"description", height:50, map_to:"text", type:"textarea", focus:true },
                { name:"recurring", type:"recurring", map_to:"rec_type", button:"recurring" },
                { name:"privado", map_to:"public", type:"checkbox", checked_value: "0", unchecked_value: "1" },
                { name:"time", height:72, type:"time", map_to:"auto"}	


        var dp = new dataProcessor("/calendars/event_dp");


And this is the code for “events_dp”

<?php include ('/[PATH]/dhtmlxScheduler/codebase/connector/scheduler_connector.php'); $scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res); $scheduler->render_table("eventos","id","fecha_inicial,fecha_final,nombre,descripcion,public,user_id,clase"); ?> *$res is set from the controller

[PATH] = path to the archives

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, no matter the change I make still the same error message

Hope you can help me.
Best Regards

Try to enable server side logs … nd_logging

Based on provided info - the error occurs because of invalid db connection ($res) or incorrect table or field names

It was right, the fields where wrong, so I change it but the error stills there.

Here the result from the log of the connector:

Any suggestion to prevent this?


Log started, 07/09/2011 10:09:00

DataProcessor object initialized
4742_id => 4742
4742_start_date => 2011-09-06 10:10
4742_end_date => 2011-09-06 14:10
4742_text => Evento1
4742_clase => 7
4742_imagen => appointment.png
4742_readonly =>
4742_!nativeeditor_status => updated
ids => 4742

Row data [4742]
id => 4742
fecha_inicial => 2011-09-06 10:10
fecha_final => 2011-09-06 14:10
nombre => Evento1
clase => 7
imagen => appointment.png
readonly =>
!nativeeditor_status => updated

UPDATE eventos SET fecha_inicial=‘2011-09-06 10:10’,fecha_final=‘2011-09-06 14:10’,nombre=‘Evento1’,clase=‘7’ WHERE id=‘4742’

Edit operation finished
0 => action:error; sid:4742; tid:4742;

Done in 0.0018520355224609s[/code]