Scheduler ContextMenu documentation onClick?



I’m trying to implement right-click event to show two options, so I decide to use the ContextMenu object from this sample. Two options are :

  • Edit event (which will just open the lightbox)
  • Display details (which has to open another popup with a lot of details coming from others projects about this event)

But… Documentation about this object seems pretty light… Ok I manage to display the menu, the event ID is good, but next is to manage “click” on menu, I’ve implemented this function :

menu._handlers.onclick = function(t) {

Can I know more about it ? With t you can find the menu which has been clicked, but how to close menu after for example ?

Something else disturbing : The menu does not close when you click elsewhere, ergonomically it’s not really good, do you have solution for this ?


In the listed sample the dhx.Menu is used from the dhtmlxSuite 7.
Here you can find the API of the dhx.Menu:
and here is your needed click menu event allowing to detect the clicking menu item: