Scheduler Custom Lightbox external html


I would like have a external html-site opened as a lightbox.
Could you help me how that could work?

var custom_form = document.getElementById("custom_form");
scheduler.showLightbox = function(id){
    var ev = scheduler.getEvent(id);
    scheduler.startLightbox(id, custom_form );
    ...'here you need to set values in the form'...
    //document.getElementById("some_input").value = ev.text;
//needs to be attached to the 'save' button
function save_form() {
    var ev = scheduler.getEvent(scheduler.getState().lightbox_id);
    ...'here you need to retrieve values from the form'...
    //ev.text = document.getElementById("some_input").value;
    scheduler.endLightbox(true, custom_form);
//needs to be attached to the 'cancel' button
function close_form(argument) {
    scheduler.endLightbox(false, custom_form);

Thank you,

You can use the above logic, just place the iframe instead of the html form as “custom_form” tag

Or just call from the startLightbox to open new page in the browser each time as user tries to edit the event.